What is the use of setting up pin on "My BlueStacks"?

We have added this functionality to set up a security pin under "My BlueStacks". This is not affected by your BlueStacks subscription status and it applies to purchases through BlueStacks only.

It is added to make your transactions more secure on BlueStacks. Once you add your card for any reason on BlueStacks we suggest you to set this pin, so that nobody can misuse added card for any purchases through BlueStacks.

To set up pin, click on the  Sound_2.png on the top bar of BlueStacks and navigate to "SETUP PIN" option available under My BlueStacks.


You will now be prompted to set any four digit pin of your choice. Enter the pin you wish to set and click on done to save changes. Any purchases through BlueStacks will now ask for the pin that you have set here.


You can also choose to remove/change the pin.


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