Select Preferences on BlueStacks

Now you can setup preferences in BlueStacks which can be changed by clicking on gear icon from the top right corner of the app player as shown below:


Preferences are grouped into four categories:-

1)  General

From the "General" tab, you can choose the desired resolutions.

You may check/uncheck the below listed options:-

  • Launch BlueStacks TV on startup.
  • Show/Hide tabs in full screen mode.
  • Show/Hide left toolbar. 
  • Show/Hide warning pop-up before closing BlueStacks.
  • Disable automatic switch to high performance power plan. By default this option is enabled to provide better performance.


You may also select your preferred language as shown in the image below:-


2)  System

To boost up BlueStacks performance you can allocate more RAM and CPU.

You may also choose the "Graphics Mode" for the app player according to app compatibility. If there are any graphics related issue on any app like black screen or distorted graphics, change the graphics mode and restart the app player. Changes will be applicable after the app player restart. 


3)  Data

There are three options provided under this category:-

  • Backup: - You may take the backup of your data and store it at the selected path on your system. Data will be backed up after quitting BlueStacks and will take several minutes according to the data size.
  • Restore: - It will restore the data from the backup taken. In the process, it will restart and gives option to select the path of the back up.
  • Factory Reset: - Restore to default settings and deletes all the data.


4)  Notifications

You may also choose to "Show" and "Auto-hide" the apps notifications.


If you face any difficulty using the app player & preferences please write to us at

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