How to Install BlueStack on Surface Pro/Tablets

We recommend installing BlueStacks with Surface Pro or in some tablets in landscape mode for an optimal app / game play experience.

Please orient your Surface pro in Landscape mode while installing BlueStacks and turn Windows auto rotation off.

  • Download BlueStacks from
  • Run the installer to initiate the installation steps as illustrated below

  • BlueStacks will launch after installation completes. The Welcome tab will show you our current promotions, you'll find you favorite Android apps in the Android tab.

  • You will be prompted to time setup your account on Bluestacks. so that you can access any apps you have previously installed from Google Play. This is particularly convenient if you are using Surface Pro after using an Android tablet or smartphone.
  • Begin downloading Android applications, and play them via BlueStacks.
  • While Bluestacks can be installed with Surface Pro held in Portrait mode also, we do not recommend it because the app / game play experience is not optimal.




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