Introducing BlueStacks TV!!

You can now stream and watch videos on BlueStacks 2. Streaming with Facebook live has recently been added to BlueStacks TV. You can also choose to stream using Twitch.

Please check this URL to see if your PC fulfills minimum requirements to use BlueStacks TV.

BlueStacks TV is a platform that allows you to stream and watch recommended videos. As soon as you click on the "video" icon on side toolbar, an additional window of BlueStacks TV pops up giving options to view or stream videos.

a) Viewing:

This popup has options of available videos. Once you choose any video that you wish to view, it will launch on a new tab on BlueStacks. A live chat will also be visible inside this tab.

Refer the URL below to see how you can watch videos in detail:

Watch Videos

If you wish to chat, click on the chat button. Another window will popup asking you to login or sign up.

Here you can login using your existing ID or sign up.

Refer URL below to see how you can login/sign up:

Login/ Sign Up

b) Streaming:

You can stream videos by clicking on the start streaming option available on bottom of BlueStacks TV window. When you click on start stream button you will be given options to stream with twitch or Facebook live.

 Your BlueStacks main window will be streamed, for example we have Clash of clans app streamed below. To start streaming you have to sign up or sign in using Twitch ID or Facebook ID.

Once you login, you will get the "Go live" option and also the option to turn on camera and microphone before going live.

The BlueStacks TV window will also reconfirm the content you wish to stream, Clash of clans being the app that is being streamed in the case using Twitch. It will also allow you to update the server location that is closest to you.

Once you go live and click see my stream an additional window will pop up and the app open on BlueStacks will be live.

If you have chosen to stream with Facebook, the content will be streamed on your Facebook page.

Refer the URL below to see details of how to stream:


If you experience any difficulty using BlueStacks TV , write to us at

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