How to import files from Mac to BlueStacks app player?

This article will help to import files from your Mac machine to BlueStacks app player.

Please follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Keep the content in the 'Documents' folder on Mac that you want to import on BlueStacks app player.


2. Download and install 'ES File Explorer' application on the BlueStacks App player.

3. Launch 'ES File Explorer'.

4. Click on the 'Windows' icon as shown in the image below:

5. Now click on 'sdcard' option.

6. Open 'Windows' folder.

7. Open 'Documents' folder. 

8. All the items to be imported on the app player will be present in the Documents folder. Select the item by long-pressing on it.

9. Select 'More' option and click on 'Copy to' option.

10. Click on any folder where you want to import files on BlueStacks. (to import files on app like "WhatsApp")


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