How to Report a Problem?

In case you experience any issue while using BlueStacks, you can directly report to us by following these simple steps.

  • Click on the "Settings" icon on BlueStacks 2 and select "Report Problem".


  • Click on "Report Problem".


  • Here you will find App Player support tool, in which you can choose the category and subcategory according to the issue you've been experiencing.


Note: When asked to report a problem on zendesk, please add the following line in the description "Zendesk ticket number: *****"

What happens when you click Send?

Upon clicking Send, you will be sending us log files containing error information recorded by the BlueStacks. Our Technical Support Engineers categorize the problems according to the symptoms described by you and analyze the log files to identify the nature of the problem and diagnose its root cause.

What is actionable information?
Primarily, we need log files generated by the BlueStacks where it records error information. These also include the BlueStacks version, the Windows OS version (8.1, 8, 7, Vista or XP). This information is "actionable" for us, i.e., we can begin acting on it through analyzing the log files to identify the nature of the problem and diagnose its root cause, in order to resolve the problem.

What is Category in Problem Report?
We have updated Report Problem to include "Category" for the issue which the user is experiencing. The category contains a list of frequent issues that occur in App Player. Selecting an appropriate category gives us a better understanding of the problem and helps the Support Engineers to categorize it correctly.

Isn't an email / post on this support forum sufficient?
Unfortunately not. An email / post on the support forum is informative because it describes the symptom you are observing, but it does not provide us with any actionable information. This means, it does not provide us with the error information that are necessary for identifying the nature of the problem and diagnose its root cause for resolving the problem.

For example, if an email / post states, "Cannot start BlueStacks", there could be following situations:

  • You are using the latest BlueStacks and it is not working on your PC
  • You began using an older version of the BlueStacks that is not working on your PC
  • The App Player that used to work before on your PC has stopped working today
  • Windows changed your PC substantially due to Windows Updates
  • There is an interaction with a Windows antivirus or security software on the PC
  • An Android app is using some graphics API that is not supported by the version of graphics driver on your PC

There can be several other reasons and we simply cannot conjecture why you are experiencing this problem without tangible, actionable information.

Why do we ask for your email address?
Our Technical Support Engineer may send you an email suggesting a workaround or a solution, if we are aware of one, that will resolve the problem quickly. When a critical problem that affects many users is resolved and its software update is available for download, we may also send you an announcement by email.

How soon should I expect to receive a response?
If we have a quick resolution to offer, you'll received an email within a couple of days. However, please be patient, we may not be able to respond to you personally. The analysis of logs and especially the diagnosis is a manual process and can take a few days. We rank issues based on their frequency and the criticality of their impact on our user community, and address them in rank order. So, it is entirely possible that your perception of our responsiveness may be governed by the fact that we either have not responded directly to you, or the issue you reported still remains to be addressed.

How will I know if my problem has been resolved?
It is possible that you may be using an older version of the BlueStacks and a newer one is available, where, ideally, the particular problem you are experiencing may be resolved. One option to consider is to upgrade BlueStacks to the latest available version.

We usually list the major issues that were resolved in a Company Update announcement on this support forum also.

Thank you!
Thanks to your reporting problems, we have been able to identify and resolve many critical issues. Your involvement and diligence have helped us improve the BlueStacks continuously since the day it was first made available.


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