ShowBox related issue - fixed!!

ShowBox has started working after a recent update( version 4.64) from Showbox's end.

If you facing any of the following issues while using showbox please take a look at the suggested resolution. 

a) Users getting enter captcha page and not able to proceed further on showbox:

Please try the steps mentioned below.

    1) Uninstall ShowBox, so that you can install the latest version of app (version 4.64)

    2) Reinstall the app again on BlueStacks. You should now be able to use ShowBox.

b) Error when trying to watch any show: Video not available, try another server.

Please be informed that this is an issue from showbox's end and has nothing to do with BlueStacks.

c) Some users are experiencing issues like "Download button" or "watch now" not available on some Movies or shows. This is not same in case of all videos.This issue is also not related to BlueStacks.

To copy downloaded videos please follow the steps in the link below.

You can find a folder by the name of app "showbox" under sd card and you can find the downloaded movies or videos here.

As a workaround you can try Restart BlueStacks and see if it helps.

Still having issues, please write to

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