How to upload images from your PC/System to Instagram?

Uploading images and videos on Instagram has now become easier.

Refer to the images below to upload images and videos on Instagram

1. Select import from window image to import files that you wish to upload as shown below. Go to settings and select  option Import from windows here.

2. Now you can select the files that you wish to import from any of the locations on your PC/system as shown below.

Now, the files will be imported to BlueStacks which should reflect under Gallery within the app and you can directly upload it. Refer to the image below.

3. click on the forward arrow button on top right corner of app player to upload the imported image.


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    Claire Isnotaduck Kwan
    Edited by Claire Isnotaduck Kwan
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    Brad DuBois

    Instagram crashes every time when I try to post a video. I have tried opening Task Manager and closing down all exe's and services related to Bluestacks, restarting and IG still crashes. IG & Bluestacks are both updated to current versions.

    using Windows 7

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    Stefan Weiss

    I know another way to post the images on instagram without downloading Enjoy!

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    Sarfaraz Qadri

    Its Not Working .
    When i Want to uplaod picture or video on instagram via Bluestacks then Instagram Shows a Mesaage that "Sorry, there was a problem to edit ur Photos. A report has been sent to instagram
    Tell Me "What i DO"????

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    I have the same problem with uploading videos, the app just reloads itself and doesn't do anything.

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    При загрузке видео в инстаграмм постоянно ошибка, нельзя через тот эмулятор загружать видео в инстаграмм. Жаль

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    Lady LidiaWinterbane

    Can I upload a gif to instagram using Bluestacks? I am able to upload it to the actual program, but when I click the (+) button the gif isn't moving and I feel like it will post as a still and not a gif.