Syncing Clash of Clans village with your account.

This articles provide you information related to village syncing and switching account on Clash of Clans on Bluestacks app player.

To sync account from android device/phone to App Player:

1) On android device/phone sign in with your Google account.

2) Open Clash of Clans and go to the in-game setting. Press the Google+ sign in button to connect your village to Google+. The Google+ Button should say "Connected." See the image below:

3) Start the Bluestacks app player and install Clash of Clans app.

4) Add the same Google account with which you have connected to Google + on your android device. Steps to add account are mentioned here

5) Launch Clash of Clans and click 'Sign-in' button on the top-left corner.

6) Select the email id which you used on the android device.

7) There should be a popup asking if you want to recover your village.

8) Select "Yes." to sync the village

Note: If you select yes you will permanently loose the current village in the background on the app player.


To sync account from iPhone/iPod  to App Player:

please follow the steps mentioned in the URL below

Sync COC between i-OS and Android devices

To switch between multiple accounts on Clash Of Clans:



While switching between google accounts you might receive the error  "No account on this device can access the Game APIs" . This error is not related to BlueStacks, however, you may try the following steps and see if it works.

1) Go to Settings>Apps

2)Uninstall Google Play Games 

3)Open Clash of Clans, it will ask you to install Google Play Games. Click Install and try Signing in again  with your google account.


If you get this error "The Current village has already been linked,. The linking can be done only once." kindly refer the URL below


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