How to Change the On-Screen Keyboard Language/Layout?

The below tutorial is to help you change the language of the onscreen keyboard as there are many languages not supported by the physical keyboard.


1. On the home screen click on the All Apps channel :

2. Under the All Apps section find & click on the BlueStack settings app as shown below:

3. Select the fourth option “Change Keyboard Settings”.

4. Under keyboard and input methods click on default option.

5. A pop-up will appear as shown below, here you need to turn off the Hardware Physical Keyboard

6. Now click on the settings icon of Android Keyboard(AOSP).

7. Click on the Input Languages as shown below.

8. Un-check 'Use system language' and select any one or multiple languages you want on your keyboard.

9. Below screen is showing all the languages that were selected.

10. Now go back to the home screen and you can enjoy all the languages added.

11. Anytime during your usage you can click on the globe icon present on the on-screen keyboard to switch between the selected languages

12. The selected keyboard layout can be seen as shown below(Here we selected the “Arabic keyboard”).


Note: On-Screen keyboard generally support all the languages but there might be several languages that would be missing.

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