How to Locate Files Downloaded While Within An App?

In the App player you can find the files you downloaded with the help of the below tutorial. Here we have displayed how to locate files on the app player that have been downloaded on whatsapp. Similarly you can find the content of any other app.

  1. Install ES File explorer.
  2. Click on All Apps on the top-right corner.


3. Under the All Apps section you need to search for ES File Explorer app as shown below

4. After clicking on the ES File Explorer you will see the below screen where you need to search for whatsapp folder as shown below

5. This will further show you the sub folders under the whatsapp folder shown below

5. Similarly, you can find the files for the apps like Instagram, Viber, Kik, BBM etc. in their respective folders. 


Note: In case you want to copy the app files to you system, please follow the link :  (


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