How to Add Contacts to BlueStacks?

This tutorial is based on BlueStacks App Player for Windows v and higher.

  1. Export Contacts from your phone (or email) as a vCard file (vcf), e.g., MyContacts.vcf
  2. Copy the vcf file to C:\ProgramData\BlueStacks\UserData\SharedFolder, or whichever Windows drive you have chosen to store ProgramData in.
  3. Click / tap on the All Apps button as shown below

4) Now click the "Settings" as shown below


5) Click / tap on Manage Contacts to open the Contacts app.


6)  Click / Tap on the menu and select Import/Export as shown, to import MyContacts.vcf.

7) Select from SIM (SD) card, i.e., the local storage for the App Player.


 8) The Contacts app will begin searching for the vCard file

 9) This tutorial imports from only one vCard file

 10) Select the specific vCard file you wish to import from.

 11) The new Contacts appear in the Contacts app, upon completion of the import.


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